A Guide to Packaging

Although we do supply basic packaging for our products, we appreciate our customers may want to package the garments we supply in more attractive and appealing packaging to grab their customer’s eye and to help promote their brand and increase brand loyalty. 

Whether your business is just starting out and you could do with all the help you can get, or if you’re already quite established and just looking to refresh your methods, we are committed to helping you as much as we can every step of the way. We therefore have come up with a guide of all the reputable packaging suppliers we would recommend to our clients to use. 

See below links to some of the most well-known and trusted packaging and care label suppliers. We hope these help!


Emanac Packaging is a leading box and packaging supplier in the UK, which provides its services to a global clientele. They provide custom boxes incorporating their client’s design and motto, giving it that personal branded touch.  

They enable you to have hosiery packaging boxes produced in any shape, size and colour giving you lots of creative freedom if you chose this company to provide your packaging, perfect if you have a consistent brand image you wish to promote, or a scheme that fits in well with your message. 

Alternatively, if you do not have any particular ideas for your packaging, they Emanac Packaging boasts an expert team of graphic designers who can make custom packaging with great designs helping you to catch your customer’s eye and drive sales. 

It is produced with modern printing equipment, so the cardboard is lightweight yet durable, protecting your garments, making it an effective choice for lingerie packaging.  


This UK company produces high quality bespoke luxury boxes, perfect for a classy lingerie look. Their rigid style boxes are at the higher end of the packaging market. 

Most bespoke packaging solutions are made with one material; however, luxury-boxes are made from two – an inner grey-board which is hidden but gives strength to the box and with an outer material. They offer a wide range of materials and finishes to choose from allowing you to customise your packaging in a unique and personalised way. 


Oxopackaging offers customisable tights boxes, allowing you to showcase your logo on a box of your choice colour, size, and shape. Their experienced designers are also happy to come up with designs designed to stand out on the shelves. 

They use superior material for the printed paper, helping to produce the garments, and offer quality and error-free packaging services with free shipping across all of the USA. They also ship globally, but the customer will have to pay for shipment costs. 

These beautifully designed boxes are the perfect pick for a hosiery collection. 


This packaging supplier offers a cheaper solution to hosiery packaging in a wide variety of finishes, from customisable options, cardboard, window to colourful matte finishes, they will have a cheap packaging solution for your hosiery products. 

The company is UK based, but will ship worldwide. 

Below is a list of other potential packaging suppliers that may help you on your search: