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HY Sourcing Limited was established in 2019 in the UK as a design-to-deliver fashion supplier focusing on lingerie and hosiery. Drawing on the expertise of our parent manufacturing company in China – Jiangsu Huayi Knitting Co, we are determined to provide you with premium quality knitted garments made from carefully selected materials at affordable prices. 

HY Sourcing is a B2B oriented company producing garments for an international market. Incorporating industry-leading machines into our process, including Raschel machines from Karl Meyer and crochet knitting machines from Comez, we are constantly striving to be at the forefront of the industry.

We are passionate about what we do, and part of that means making the B2B Ecommerce experience easier and more accessible to all our customers. Whether you’re a newly established fashion brand or a more seasoned supplier, our flexible MOQ’s, dedicated team, and detailed guides can help you every step of the way on the fashion supply chain.


Here at HY Sourcing, we are passionate about what we do and what we do is high-quality knitted garments. Using only carefully selected materials and industry-leading machines, you can be confident in the quality of all our stylish designs.


We know the clothing industry can be dirty, producing lots of waste products, harmful chemicals, wastewater and unfair working conditions for many. We pride ourselves on our worker’s welfare at all stages of the manufacturing chain. We also believe sustainability is a journey, and we are doing our part in researching, learning, and challenging ourselves to be better. We now give you the option to have your order made with recycled materials to help you on your sustainability journey too.


We strive to provide quality garments at affordable prices, and our B2B model allows us to do just that. Our flexible minimum order quantities mean you can get the best price for your order cutting the risks of additional storage costs and shipping fees. Talk to one of our team today to find out more.


Besides offering you years of experience with OEM, White Label, Wholesale and sampling services, we are determined to provide the best logistical support for your order too. As we are the manufacturer, you won’t have to deal with any third parties, and our accessible guides and dedicated team are here to help you every step of the way.

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